educational course made in partnership with CG Circuit

Real-time visuals R&D


MIDI in Houdini


Impromptu Jam


Bumblebee Jam for Bose AR


Action Spectra


Finist Painter


Bizarre Barber


Awere VR


Elactic Shore Visuals

Keurig Interactive Pool


Live Visuals for Lauryn Hill

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Advanced Midi Mapping in Houdini is a 4+ hour long course about innovative real-time workflows in Houdini. Made in partnership with CG Circuit, a platform that allows industry professionals to learn from each other by publishing content and to teach the next generation of artists.

Each hue is an instrument, each shade is a pitch. With a few taps on your screen, Impromptu Jam lets players use the colors of your surroundings to make rhythms, visualized as bouncing balls. Two people can join up over a network to jam together.

NYC Media Lab summit presentation:

Additionally, while making this project, we explored synesthetic modes of interaction and how sounds translate to color for  people with different backgrounds.

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