Action Spectra is an accessible, social, bite-sized VR fitness adventures set up in a unique and ever-changing universe

It is a game, a service, a social network and a creative outlet all rolled into one app. It revolutionizes the way people think about movement. Action Spectra is not a full replacement of fitness routine (yet), but it’s a novel, engaging way to regularly enjoy exercise, meditation and build healthy habits. Currently in development.


When you buy the app and create an account, you are being assigned a piece of land on the remote planet. There is nothing there, except unlimited potential, as you create a complex ecosystem from scratch. You become the Spectral Guardian, the sole source of energy in this world with every exercise performed affecting the world you created. You will grow forests from seeds, defeat evil and nurture life. If you neglect your ecosystem by not returning to the game, it will decay over time and you’ll have to start over.


The Action Spectra world works with whatever you have at the moment, allowing you to choose exercise scenarios for big and small rooms, various levels of intensity and length (5-60 minutes). You don’t need a whole gym to make use of this app; you can use fitness accessories or use your furniture as props. There are many activities available and you can pick and choose dependent on your mood, whether you’re interested in a mindful rest of your body or a vigorous cardio activity. Whatever you choose, your Spectral World will react and change.


Just like you have gym buddy, you can have Guardian buddy in Action Spectra! With your friends present in the Action Spectra world, you’ll be connected like never before, working on the new civilization together. The game has competitive and collaborative modes: you can be the best Guardian in the Universe or you can just enjoy helping your friends to build their systems, donating your energy, while you workout. 


Action Spectra can complement your regular gym routine for a fraction of the price of most memberships. In some cases, you can even replace the gym entirely with Action Spectra. Action Spectra comes with a free demo and multiple options (basic, experience packs, in-game purchases), allowing you to pick and choose how much you invest in your well-being.


Action Spectra is targeting the future of home gyms. With high-quality. affordable, untethered VR headsets such as Oculus Quest or the lightweight Vality, VR will soon become the tool for work, play and self-improvement. Unlike your home stationary bike, you can carry VR headset everywhere you go and do quick sessions whenever you feel like it: at the airport, in your hotel room, on your lunch break.

Action Spectra has a rich interactive world to inhabit and virtual reality limitless potential is the best medium to experience it. But wait, there are more benefits to exercise in VR:

  • 360 degrees of body movement

  • Faster learning curves

  • Biometrics collected from the VR device gives a deeper insight into your progress: calories burned, intensity, speed. 

  • Steady motivation: with a fully interactive, ever-changing world that fully depends on you, it’s easy to build great habits.

  • Accessibility. While traditional gyms and workouts are often inaccessible to differently abled or neurodiverse people, in Action Spectra they can move on their own pace and experiment until they find perfect balance. Even the smallest action in the Spectral world is rewarded. Actions as small as completing a 3-minute breathing sequence will bring fresh rain to nurture your in-game flora.


VR headsets are clumsy and heavy on the head, how do I play an active game with it?

VR headsets are quickly evolving and we believe that within the next two years, they will be much more lighter and easier to use.

What about surroundings?

Most VR headsets already have pass-through mode (becoming better over time), allowing users to seamlessly switch between VR and real reality. So you can always pick up the dumbbell or stash the cat away.

Will I sweat in VR?

Sweating is a part of any vigorous activity. Sweating in VR might sound uncomfortable, but there are plenty of accessories to prevent the discomfort (VR cover and sweatbands). In the end, we hope that Action Spectra will be fun enough that breaking some sweat won’t even be noticed.

Can I have a real hard workout though?

Almost everything is possible with Action Spectra! If you are an experienced athlete, you will find special exercise sequences designed for those more experienced, as well as the ability to use props to intensify your workout.


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