Augment faces

unique and engaging party experience.

The idea behind was to give the audience the experience of traditional portrait drawing but with digitally augmented features. The experience is highly flexible and can be tailored to any specific events.

An artist (Gordey) sketches the guest’s face with the graphic tablet in the specially designed OpenFrameworks application.

Recoloring in browser

Final result

Brush and stroke data are being recorded during the process and sent to the server. The artist prints out the picture for the guest to keep.

 Guest can scan the QR code on the picture or type the short link in the phone’s / computer’s browser and see the portrait online being re-iterated with different colors and brushes with every tap / click as well as see the whole process of creation in fast forward playback. 

The goal of the experience is to give quests a room to focus on inner self, to engage in the emotional dialog with the artist and to have fun and good memories about the party! The experience is medium-agnostic and easily shareable.

— Past public shows:

Creative Tech Week Mixed Reality Party (Grand Central Tech, New York, May 2017)

ThoughtWorks NY (May, 2017)

Yami-Ichi fair (Knockdown Center, Brooklyn, New York, November 2016)

If you are interested in having Augmented Portraits at your party, please don’t hesitate to contact!